ALTERED AXIOM'S DEBUT ALBUM, Insulation Kit, introduces the sound of frozen jazz: fixed and electronic—yet alive, conversational, and kaleidoscopic. This is a new kind of music that shares some of the DNA of jazz, art rock, and electronic music but maintains its own, individual sense of aesthetics. With eight tracks featuring contributions from Elena Hodges, Keren Abreu, and Hans Bilger, the album immerses listeners in spaces of introspection, loneliness, wonder, and elation. Insulation Kit demands full concentration as it navigates a vision of the American landscape, at times bleak but not without hope.

Released June 9, 2017

All pieces written, recorded, and mixed by Jacob Taswell

While you may stream or download Insulation Kit for free, please recognize that I have spent many hundreds of hours creating the album, and I would appreciate your support if you enjoyed listening. You can purchase the album by naming your price on Bandcamp. An album of this length typically sells for $8-12, but you can give as little as $1.



Art for Insulation Kit created by Jacob Taswell and Elena Hodges from drawings and photographs by Elena Hodges



Go BEYOND insulated listening   To create change.

listening party (noun)

  1. an event that promotes communal, contemplative listening and prioritizes audience participation through discussion and nonverbal acts, such as drawing and movement; dissolves fixed notions of how music can be presented and received; prompts the community to envision a new social reality.

Music brings us into imaginative spaces. If we want to reshape our society, we not only have to be able to imagine something better and more just, but we also have to be able to show other people, with our speech, our writing, our paintings, and our songs, that what we imagine can be real. Through listening and discussion, we share in and co-create imaginative experience. We habituate ourselves to ways of thinking and acting that will help us achieve this goal. And we do this, to borrow a line from Grace Lee Boggs, while growing our souls.

If you’d be interested in hosting a listening party for Insulation Kit to encourage dialogue in your community, please email me for guidance. Listening parties may be official or unofficial; the former will be advertised on this website. If this sounds intimidating or like a lot of work, don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be. Please get in touch!


All events are free and open to the public. Contact Altered Axiom to list your event here!

What else can you do?

Send me a letter, either by email or snail mail, reflecting on your experience listening to Insulation Kit. Include in your letter a pledge to make a small donation to a cause of your choice. For each letter I receive, I will donate 0.1% of the first year's earnings from Insulation Kit to Community MusicWorks, a non-profit dedicated to creating “cohesive urban community through music education and performance that transforms the lives of children, families, and musicians.” Community MusicWorks is located in a culturally diverse yet poor neighborhood in Providence, and is a leader in combining music education and social justice.