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Altered Axiom is a moniker for releases by composer / producer Jacob Taswell


JACOB TASWELL is adding his voice to the rapidly expanding space where pop and art music meet. His debut album, Insulation Kit, expresses a musical language with roots in jazz and rock, composed with an architectural mindfulness and rendered electronically with a sample-based approach. The result is an evocative, emotional sound difficult to categorize in conventional genre terms. 

Jacob works to situate his music in a world of rich visuals and writing. He studied music and took courses across the humanities at Yale University, graduating with a B.A. in 2017. He is the winner of the Trumbull College Fine Arts Prize (2017) and the Abraham Beekman Cox Prize for Music Composition (2016). A Maryland native, Jacob grew up studying blues and jazz piano and tenor saxophone. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut, finding focus through rock climbing when not writing music.

If you enjoyed Insulation Kit...

Please consider purchasing the album. Your purchase is an acknowledgement of the work that went into making Insulation Kit, and it directly supports my growth as an artist. You will be helping to sustain the hours, energy, and out-of-pocket expenses that go into making this music. You can visit Altered Axiom's Bandcamp page, where you will have the option to name your price for a download of Insulation Kit, by clicking the button below. I recognize that circumstances vary, and I am extremely grateful for your support, regardless of the amount you can give. 

Where will your money go?

  1. Funding new projects: Your support fuels my budget to create groundbreaking new music and work collaboratively with other artists. This can be quite expensive. As an example, working with a film artist to produce a collaborative music video can cost hundreds of dollars per minute of video.
  2. Distribution: I have chosen to make my music accessible to as many people as possible by distributing it to Spotify, iTunes, and other vendors. Your support helps recoup my out-of-pocket distribution costs.
  3. Equipment: As I continue in this field, purchasing audio equipment, instruments, and software will allow me to advance the technical quality of the music I make.

I cannot thank you enough for engaging with and supporting my work!

Insulation Kit credits

All pieces written, recorded, and mixed by Jacob Taswell

Vocals on "Kamaji and the Many Little Stars" - Elena Hodges
Vocals on "Insulation Kit," "Slip Into Your Overflowing Self," and "Channel Comfort" - Keren Abreu
Double bass on "From Seeds" - Hans Bilger
Clarinet, toy piano, and other instruments on "On a Far-Off Shore" and "Slip Into Your Overflowing Self" - the class of Composition Seminar III, Yale University, Fall 2015

Album art by Jacob Taswell and Elena Hodges
Liner note design by Jacob Taswell

Mastered for digital release by Alchemy Mastering, London