JACOB TASWELL is adding his voice to the rapidly expanding space where pop and art music meet. Jacob’s recent work has focused on pushing the potential of electronics to alter ideas rooted in jazz piano playing and to realize a fleshed-out, immersive sound. He uses the term frozen jazz to describe his music, connoting a sense of groove and harmony informed by jazz, but a fixity due to absence of improvisation. Jacob graduated from Yale College in 2017 with a B.A. in Music, focusing on composition. He studied with Konrad Kaczmarek and Kathryn Alexander during his time at Yale, mainly writing acoustic chamber works but devoting his senior year to composing electronic music. He is the winner of the Trumbull College Fine Arts Prize (2017) and a co-recipient of the Abraham Beekman Cox Prize for Music Composition (2016). A native of Bethesda, Maryland, Jacob grew up studying blues and jazz piano with Mark Stevens and John Phillips. In college, he studied architecture for two years before deciding to focus on music. Jacob currently lives and writes music in New Haven, Connecticut.


A message from Jacob:

While you may stream or download Insulation Kit for free, please recognize that I have spent many hundreds of hours creating the album, and I would appreciate your support if you enjoyed listening. In order to sustain the time, creative energy, and grantwriting effort I devote to making music like this, I need to also make some income on the album. Makes sense, right? Clicking the button below will take you to my Bandcamp page, where you can pay what you want for the album based on what you feel it's worth.

Where will your money go?

  1. Distribution: You can help recoup my out-of-pocket costs to distribute the music to Spotify, iTunes, and other vendors.
  2. Equipment: I no longer have access to the equipment that was available at school, so I'll need to purchase instruments and software in order to continue making this kind of music independently. 
  3. Physical media: Even today, it's important. CDs, not digital downloads, are what sell at events, but the up-front cost of ordering CDs is high.

If you enjoyed Insulation Kit and want to hear more music like it, please consider purchasing the album!

Insulation Kit credits:

All pieces written, recorded, and mixed by Jacob Taswell

Vocals on "Kamaji and the Many Little Stars" - Elena Hodges
Vocals on "Insulation Kit," "Slip Into Your Overflowing Self," and "Channel Comfort" - Keren Abreu
Double bass on "From Seeds" - Hans Bilger
Clarinet, toy piano, and other instruments on "On a Far-Off Shore" and "Slip Into Your Overflowing Self" - the class of Composition Seminar III, Yale College, Fall 2015

Album art by Jacob Taswell and Elena Hodges
Liner note design by Jacob Taswell

Mastered for digital release by Alchemy Mastering, London