If You Enjoyed Insulation Kit...


Please consider purchasing the album. Your purchase is an acknowledgement of the work that went into making Insulation Kit, and it directly supports my future output. You will be helping to sustain the time, energy, and out-of-pocket expenses that go into making music as an independent artist. By clicking the button below, you can visit my Bandcamp page, where you can name your price for a high-quality download of Insulation Kit.

Where will your money go?

  1. Funding new projects: Your support fuels my budget to create groundbreaking new music and to work collaboratively with other artists.
  2. Production: Mixing and mastering are arts in themselves — and critical to how we perceive a finished piece of music. I hope to be able to choose studios and engineers during the production phase for creative, rather than financial, reasons.
  3. Distribution: I have chosen to make my music accessible to as many people as possible by distributing it to Spotify, iTunes, and other vendors. You will be helping to recoup my out-of-pocket distribution costs.

Thank you for your support!