ALTERED AXIOM'S DEBUT ALBUM, Insulation Kit, introduces the sound of frozen jazz: fixed and electronic—yet alive, conversational, and kaleidoscopic. This is a new kind of music that shares some of the DNA of jazz, art rock, and electronic music but maintains its own, individual sense of aesthetics. With eight tracks featuring contributions from Elena Hodges, Keren Abreu, and Hans Bilger, the album immerses listeners in spaces of introspection, loneliness, wonder, and elation. Insulation Kit demands full concentration as it navigates a vision of the American landscape, at times bleak but not without hope.

Released June 9, 2017

All pieces written, recorded, and mixed by Jacob Taswell

While you may stream or download Insulation Kit for free, please recognize that I have spent many hundreds of hours creating the album, and I would appreciate your support if you enjoyed listening. You can purchase the album by naming your price on Bandcamp. An album of this length typically sells for $8-12, but you can give as little as $1.



Art for Insulation Kit created by Jacob Taswell from drawings and photographs by Elena Hodges